Purl into first stitch again?

Hi All!
I’m having trouble understanding the final instructions for a cute neck warmer/cowl. I don’t understand what she means by: [P2tog, (P into first stitch again)]. I know how to P2tog but I’m not clear on what to do for the next step?

Here’s the pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/herringboneneckwarmer

Any help would be lovely!

Thank you!

I goofed the link, this should work. Sorry about that!

At the very beginning of the pattern, next to the photo there are directions for this stitch. Basically, p2tog but don’t slip the sts off the needle, purl into the first stitch again.
Very neat looking neckwarmer and an interesting stitch pattern. Thanks for the link.

Ha! I got so excited that I was nearly finished, I forgot about the pattern itself! Thanks so much and you’re welcome for the link.
Cheers, Valentina