Purl Increase

How do you do this? I know how to make a knit increase, but not a purl TIA

You can purl into the front and back of the stitch–check the glossary under pfb, or you can do a M1purl where you lift the bar between the stitches from back to front and purl into the front loop.

There are videos for all the increases at the tab at the top of the page. :thumbsup:

make 1 purl is probably going to be the most invisible increase. A purl fb is going to leave a little bit of a hole.

Unfortunately, there’s no links for the purl increases anymore.

[COLOR=“Navy”][FONT=“Franklin Gothic Medium”]THANK you SO much, Ingrid for this information. I just spent close to 2 hours trying to find info on this particular type of purl inc…including utilizing the search engine here. But after reading your post, I now realize that a big part of the reason why may be because in the particular patt from which I’m knitting, the abbrev used is [I][B]pfab[/B][/I]…and not just [I][B]pfb[/B][/I]…and none of the search engines seem to recognize the former.

And I can’t say why I didn’t think to remove the “a”…(a DUH! moment for me). While I am no where near the “intermediate-to-experienced” level of this amazing craft, I [I][B]have [/B][/I]been knitting long enough to where I should have known better.

So again, thank you!!![/COLOR] :happydance: [COLOR=“Navy”]Now I can continue[/COLOR] :knitting:

:wink: [/FONT]