Purl increase

Maybe I didn’t explain myself good before lol. If I am doing a knit stitch and do the basic loop before the knit stitch, it gives me an increase. But, I am purling then knitting every other row and increasing each time i knit a row. But, somehow I am not increasing correctly. Please help? lol

If you increase by knitting first into the front of the loop and then knitting into the back of the same loop you may get a small hole. If you do your increases by doing yarn overs then you will definitely have a hole. You shouldn’t have much of a hole if you do your increase by knitting into the “loop” between two knit stitches - make 1. Which increase have you been doing for your project?

Check out Amy’s increases videos here. You can find the purl increase that best matches the knit increase you’re doing. It could be that you’re not matching them correctly.

I was doing the yarn over and realized it was wrong. So, I have stopped lol.
I guess I will try the loop in the back like you stated?