Purl Increase ? Help!

Good morning
I have just recently started to knit and love it! At the moment I am :?? having problems with purl increasing…I watched the video on knit increase…it was very helpful…Now I am stuck on the purl increase…I am making my first sweater and I am on hold due to the confusion with the purl increase…Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance

Off the top of my head I can think of two purl increases. One is to purl two into one stitch.

Purl as regular, but don’t slide it off. Then purl into the same stitch again and then slide them off.

Another is M1 purl, where you would pick up the strand between the two stitches from back to front with the left point and then purl into the front part of the yarn that comes up on the needle. It’s small and a little tight, so make sure you get it in the front part to avoid a hole.

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hey Ingrid - is it normal to do purl increases?

I’m doing a sweater from “Knitter’s Handy book of patterns” where I’m following the chart for gauge 5.

here’s where I am on the sleeve:

(I just did a little edging)

“Change to St st and inc 1 st each end of needle every 6 rows. If number is zero, omit these rows” (so I omit those rows because of my chart the number is 0)

Now I’m at “Then inc 1 st each end of needle every four rows 14 times.”

Well I understand that (I think) but on my fourth row I’m purling!

Should I do something so my fourth row is knitting?

Since it is a gradual increase of every 4 rows, and you’d rather increase on the knit side, as I would, just start on row 5. Increase then on 9,13, 17, etc. It won’t make any difference at all.

If you want to follow the pattern exactly and your fourth row is a purl side, then increase in the purl side. Again, it’s really not a big deal.

hugs Ingrid

I didn’t think it would matter if I added another little row, but wanted to make sure from the expert! :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: :inlove: