Purl Garter Stitch?

If you prefer purling to knitting, why not purl your garter stitch? I was visiting a site where the knitter much prefers to purl and it got me thinking. If your knitting technique is such that purling is easier on your hands or quicker and more fun, why not try purling your garter stitch instead of knitting it? This is an honest question – I haven’t needed garter stitch since this thought popped into my head, so I don’t know if it’s a good idea or not. I did try a small sample, but didn’t notice much difference. Any thoughts?

I think it is fine to do purl garter stitch if you find it easier for any reason. You get the same result either way.

They had a woman explain Portugese knitting, she worked her garter stitch as all purl stitches. They hold the yarn differently than is common here, so it is easier for her to do purl stitches than the knit stitches.

I’m working in a k2, p2 rib, and finally started paying attention. Purling really is easier. My hands are in a more natural position. For knitting, I have to bend my wrist back a little. Learn something new every day. :happydance: