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I’m 27 scarves (san fringes) into knitting. Just starting to purl and seem to be committed to doing it backwards. My knitting style is concinental (learned it as a wee child) I’m left handed and it feels the most comfortable, BUT the purl thing yowezierrs. I made several cotten washclothes, but every time I didn’t pay 100% attention I sliped into a backward way of doing the stitch. Now I knit into the back of a purl stitch, but it seems to be working out. I just completed 4" of seed stitch on a baby blanket. Will I be able to do any pattern with my backward purl? Any thoughts? My friends who throw their yarn laugh, but assess my work as good. I’d appreciate any thoughts from continentals or anyone else for that matter. Thanks, raindot. :happydance: [/list][/list]

it sounds like you may be venturing into combined knitting, if i’m reading your description correctly. check out the website below and see if it’s how you are knitting and purling. if you are, then you’re a combined/combination knitter. you can do everything, but you will have to make some adjustments for slanting increases and decreases to fit the pattern correctly.


i knit this way, and it’s said to be faster than english and continental.

Sounds as though you’ve discovered a version of the Combined knitting style for yourself. If you wrap the “wrong” way when you purl, the stitches will be twisted. You compensate for this by doing your knit stitches through the back loop. This is the standard way of knitting in many cultures.

As a result, you get the benefit of a much easier purl. Many people also find their purl rows are neater and more even when they knit this way.

The bottom line is: there are many ways to knit beyond standard English and Continental. If you are getting a good-looking stockinette fabric without twisted stitches (unless you want them), stay with it.

For more information on Combined Knitting:
In Mary Thomas’s Knitting Book, which describes about a dozen knitting styles, look for “Eastern Uncrossed.”