Purl 9 rows down?

Hello! I am knitting a baby bootie. I am stuck at this part of the pattern…(the starred part)

Work 16 rows in g st. then beg with a k row, work work 9 rows in st st.

next row: (p next st tog with corresponding st 9 rows below) to end.*

work 13 more rows in g st, then cast off.

This is a Debie Bliss pattern from an old 1988 book. BABY KNITS 32 originl designs for 0 to 3 year olds. The pattern is for the bunny boots from the all-in-one hat with bunny boots. From what I can tell from the pic. This part of the pattern is making a ridge arond the sole.

Thanks for any help you can offer!

Peace, Kris

Before you work the next stitch, count down 9 rows, put your right needle tip into it and put it on the left tip and purl it together with the next stitch.

I tried that…I can’t seem to keep track of the rows of stitches…any tips or tricks?

I really appreciate your help!! I was up until 1am last night trying to figure this out!
Peace, Kris

One thing you can try is to thread a spare piece of yarn through the 9th row down with a tapestry needle. Then that row is marked.