Purl 14, cast on 3 , turn --- help please ?

On a purl row…says to purl 14 then cast on 3, then turn

Is the needle inserted into the next stitch as you would do a purl, and then instead of taking stitches off, it is put back on the left needle and repeat until have casted on 2 more times …to make the 3 casted on?

Or is it done knit wise and put onto the left needle ?

Hope it sounds clear enough…

New to making mittens, so don’t really want to.mess it up .

Many thanks for any help

But when have casted on the three, it is then turned and back onto the knit row, right ?

Is the casting on 3 done as if to increase…
Aka go to knit but then keep on the needle and then insert into the back of the same stitch then take off so have increased one ?

Or purl wise cast on?

Or something else ?

Many thanks x

If you use a thumb loop cast on you can follow the given directions: P14, cast on 3sts, turn and work back on 17sts as given in the next directions.

If you use a knit cast on then you have to P14, turn, cast on 3sts, and continue as given in the next directions over the 17sts.


Here is a YouTube video on a simple cast on method w [Easy CAST ON for Beginners - YouTube which you would do before you turn your work. It is especially good for children as it is so simple.

Easy CAST ON for Beginners - YouTube