Pure and simple children's neckdown bolero

I know someone else on here has knit this and I am having a problem. I am at:
Front and Bottom bands
Using smaller 24 inche needle, eginning at uper edge of left front, pick up 48 sts along the left front edge, k across the body sts,(which are still on needle), pick up 48 sts along front edge
I understand how to do this, but I only have, at the most, 30 stitches along these edges. How could I be that far off? The measurements of the length of the bolero is correct…it said to knit until 101/2 inches from top of shoulder and that is right…I am stumped.

Did you slip the edge sts? That would give you half as many rows to pick up from. What you’ll have to do is pick up 2 sts in 1 every couple sts.

I’m knitting this right now as well. My pattern has a sticker on the back that says something to the effect of “if you have trouble picking up enough stitches, look at my website http://www.knittingpureandsimple.com for helpful hints.” If you go to her website, then go to the FAQ page, there is information to help you out. You’ll do basically as Sue says, pick up 2 stitches in 1 every once in a while. You stitch the first one under both legs of the edge, then stitch the second by picking up only 1 leg. It’s worth the trouble, mine is coming out so cute!

Oh good you got your answer… I looked at the pattern and I think you have to p/u more because of the curve so it’ll lay flat…

thank you so much! My pattern didn’t say a thing about picking up 2 stitches…Thanks, except I hate to pick up stitches and now I have to do twice as many!