Puppy with a sore tail

My poor baby has somehow hurt her tail. We had company for dinner and never heard her cry that something happened, but I her poor tail is hanging and she is all out of sorts. It is most certainly her tail b/c she bumped it on something and cried. I gave her an aspirin, but it’s just sooo sad. She’s suck a tail wagger !! Is there anything other than aspirin I can do?

Aspirin? That’s okay for a puppy? Be very careful about body weight an dosage if it is.

I’d contact a vet as soon as you can. Only a vet can diagnose whether it’s serious or not. :hug:

I’d second and third that. Please get your puppy to the vet asap. He/she may need to take an x-ray before they can start treatment.

Please let us know how your puppy is.

Best Wishes


Yup, dogs can have aspirin (non-buffered and NOT tylenol) once every 12hrs. I have a dosage chart from our vet that we used when she sprained a ligament in her leg jumping after fireflys. I call her a puppy, she is 60lbs and about a year old.
She is starting to settle down, but she just looks so pitiful without her tail : (

Keep the puppy away from the rocking chairs.

Poor pup! I hope she’s feeling her old self soon.

Your story did remind me of a cat my family used to have. I’m the youngest kid, so I’ve heard plenty of stories that are B.C. – Before Chris. One was about the very cute kitten who somehow managed to have our heavy wooden garage door land right on his tail. It left him with a permanent crook . . . so from then on he was forever referred to as Bent-Tail.

I called the vet as she was still droppy this morning and he said as long as she is lifting her tail and holding it straight to do business it is most likely nothing to worry about. He said continue giving her aspirin for 3 days and then call if she’s not better.


Give the pup some love from me… Poor baby, lol Tails can be so wonderful…( my golden use to dust the low furniture for me several times a day. )

Hope all goes well fast.

Poor pup!
Here is something to think about though. I was giving my pup aspirin when she started limping one day. Well, took her to the vet and they put her on Rimadyl, BUT, I couldn’t give her any for 72 hours after stopping the aspirin. She suffered pain those 3 days too. I know now, not to give her aspirin again. It will mess up their liver if given one, when the other has not had time to be flushed out first. I hope your pup is better soon. It’s like having a baby. You don’t know what hurts or how bad and you can only do what you think is best.