Punk(goth) sleeves

These were made with plain old black and white caron ss. I changed this pattern a little because youngest DD is going through an all black stage and wanted more black than white.

I have to thank Ellie (nobones) for starting the gauntlet thread and willowangel for finding it. :muah:

Excuse the mess on the floor. I interrupted the video game for pics!


What an interesting project! I’ve never seen anything like them! Great job!

Those are super cool! Way to go!:cheering:

Yet another pattern I need to hide from my DD… LOL


Nice job, deb. The ruffle really makes the armwarmers.

:inlove: :inlove: :inlove: What a brilliant job you’ve done on those, I just love them.

Glad the thread inspired you.

Those are cool, I might need to make some for my sister!

Ok…THIS is going to be my first knit in the round project! :muah:

They’re so gorgeous :slight_smile: I got a massive haul at a sale on Saturday, which I’ll post pics of soon - think I’ll be making some more of these :slight_smile:

Fi xx

Oh my heavens - my niece is going to be one lucky gal this Christmas … I’ve found so many adorable punk/goth patterns lately! I :heart: it!