check out this cute pumpkin pattern- found the link on the Craft.com blog…


cute, fast, fun! (and I can practice my dpn work…)

That’s really cute! I made the easter eggs on that site (with a few modifications :shifty:)

Now that is really cute…I gotta give it a try!:happydance:

So cute and I have the perfect yarn for it… saving this one :star:

These are really neat… :smiley: I need to get started on christmas stuff… or i’ll never get it done :smiley: haha

How cute. I just found these pumkins the other day http://knitty.com/ISSUEfall05/PATTpumpkins.html

thanks! can’t have too many pumpkins!! LOL- and I’ll say the terracotta color of Lion Brand’s Cotton Ease is a lovely color for pumpkins…