Pumpkin hat!

For my best friend’s 6-month-old. This was such a fun, quick knit!

That is so adorable!

So freaking cute!! Perfect timing for fall! :cheering:

To cute!! Looks wonderful :blooby:

Can you share the source of the pattern? It’s too cute!

Great stuff x

That baby will be the cutest lil’ punkin’ on the block:cheering:

Awww, that’s so sweet! :cheering:

This is the pattern I used: http://www.knittingonthenet.com/patterns/holpumpkinhat.htm. I modified just a little and brought the green in on the 5th decrease row.

Cute! I ought to knit a pumpkin hat with a GD expected Oct. 25. :slight_smile:

So cute and perfect for the season!!

That is just too stinkin’ cute!!!

So cute!

OK, I made one of these this afternoon … to stinkin’ cute! BUT, I have a question: Did I miss something on the instructions, or did I do something wrong - cuz when I finished my hat was wrong side out. When I turned it, the stem was on the inside. Turning that stem was all but impossible. TIA!

cute!! I saw something similar recently–you must post a picture of the recipient wearing it!!! We love babies around here!

Wanda, I’m not sure what happened with your hat. If you were knitting inside out the whole time (that happens to me with items knit in the round sometimes) you might have joined the yarn for the stem on the wrong-side row.

Christy, I will definitely take a picture of Savannah in her hat! Thanks for reminding me!