Pullover neck

Hi everyone,
I need help with the neck of a pullover… I did everything I read in the forum and still there is a problem…
The original instructions are: “when there are 42 sts, bind off center 12 sts for neck and working both side at once, bind off from each neck edge 6 sts once, 5 sts once. Bind off rem 3 sts each side.”

So What I did:
I got to the row where the decreases got me to 42 sts. Next row was a purl row (WS): I purled 15, got a new strand and BO 12 middle sts with it, and continued with this new strand
to purl the remaining 15 sts.
Next row (RS), I knitted the 15 sts, dropped the strand, picked up the other one, BO 6 sts for the neck, knitted the remaining 9 sts.
Next row (WS) I purled the 9 sts, dropped the strand, picked up the other one, BO 6 sts and purled the remaining 9 sts.
Now - I uploaded a picture for the outcome.
I have 2 problems:
first, one part of the BO is directed to one side, and the other to the other side(!) that creates a bad looking gap…and in general I think this is not how it’s suppose to look right?
Also, I have a bump at the side of the neck where the BO of the 6 sts was done last…
Any ideas?? this is soooooo frustrating…!

Here is the picture - sorry :slight_smile:

Generally the BO sts and decs are done on a RS row, so you should have done the purl row, then bound off the center sts.

It still looks right to me, and I think you’ll be putting a neckband on so that will cover up any gaps. If not, you can do a short one by picking up stitches around the neckline, then bind off on the next row.

Thanks suzeeq for the answer,
The thing is, even if I BO the center sts on the WS, I will still have to BO the 6 sts from each side of the neck in the next row (RS), and it will show won’t it?

It may, there’s ways of binding off to help eliminate the gap. You can pick up an extra st between the ones left on your needle and the first one you’re supposed to BO. Pick up that stitch, knit the next one, then bo the extra and you’ll end up binding off 7 instead of 6 because of the extra one.