Pullover decrease question

I’ve just started Knitpicks “On Deck Pullover” and I’m having trouble understanding how the decreases work.

I’ve cast on 100 stitches and knitted for 1 inch. This is the part I don’t understand:

"Waist shaping:

Dec 1 st at end of next row, then every following 6 rows 7 times.
84 sts.
Work even for 1 inch."

Can someone explain how to knit this so I go from 100 sts to 84? I am driving myself crazy trying to figure this out. Thanks!

I would check the pattern again, because the only way for that to work is if you Dec 1 st at EACH END of the rows. I also understand it to be every 6th row 7 times. That would be a total of 16 sts, which works with the count. Every sweater I’ve done (a whopping 3, but still LOL) it always decreases at each end of the designated rows.

Thank you SO much. You are right- it does read “Dec 1 at EACH end of next row…”

Now it makes sense.

I can’t believe I missed that-I must have read that sentence 50 times. Thanks again!

I’m just glad I could help. I know how frustrating it can be when something like that happens!

Don’t feel bad, each or every is one of those words that I think all knitters miss at least once…