Pullover and Cap for Julia

These were fun to make and they didn’t take a lot of time.

The yarn is Caron Brites that I found at a thrift store for .50 cents each. I got 2 of each color: blue, green, orange, & pink.

The projects in the booklet are made from this same yarn.

Julia just started the first grade. I’ll let her Mama have the chore of finding something to go with them.

Looks like it turned out super cute! The bright colors are great … I’m sure she’ll love it! :cheering:

Love the bright color! So cute!

so cute! perfect bright color for the fall :slight_smile:

Very pretty! Love the color.

Nice!! I always like hearts. :heart:

[B]Perfect[/B] knitting! Great color choice! Way to go!

Beautiful!!! She’ll have so much fun wearing these!! :slight_smile:

Hi! those are really cute! Very much something for a little girl to walk around with pride!

Very neatly done! Julia will love it. :muah:

[SIZE=4][COLOR=Green][B]Totally adorable![/B] [/COLOR][/SIZE][COLOR=Green][SIZE=3][B]Very[/B] nicely done.[/SIZE]

[/COLOR][SIZE=3][COLOR=Green]And congrats on that great yarn find.[/COLOR][/SIZE]