Pullover 63

Hi could anyone help me with this diagram

Thanks in advance.

What do you need to know? There should be a legend with symbol meanings if that’s a problem.

You mean definition for every symbol. I had but the one in the middle I don’t. When I work the stitch it does not look like the picture of the pullover.

I think it means a central double decrease (CDD) because of the decreases on this sides and the ridge showing in the photo. It looks similar enough IMO to the one for S2KP2 on RS, SSPP2 on WS on this chart.


Unfortunately I could not continue the pullover, I’m very :pensive:. I stopped at step number 4 and I don’t know how to continue the rest.
I started with 120 and till step 4 ended with 116 sts so how to apply this diagram.

Thanks in advance.

Ach, I’m always sorry to hear this. It’s such a lovely pattern. Yes, I agree with GG, it’s a centered double decrease in the center of the chart. No matter how it’s worked, 2 sts are decreased. They are made up for by the 2 yarn overs at the 2nd stitch of the chart and the next to the last stitch of the chart. The stitch count should remain the same.
It may help to look over the last row you worked and name the sts, the knit, the yarn over and so on. It doesn’t seem to be a problem with yarn overs in general but maybe a skipped yarn over?

I started row 1 in the diagram worked YO then knitting 29sts and decreased 2sts as the diagram then knitted the 28sts and YO, there still unworked sts remaining what to do with it?!


This is the pattern

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This is all a bit of a guess. The pattern doesn’t explain but here is the way I believe it goes based on the photo.

  1. Continue to work in the “pattern” stitch as established in rows 1 and 2 (k2p2 on the front, purl all sts on the back) for 29sts.
  2. Work 3 sts of diagram 2. Maybe the center 3 sts or centered double dec with yarn overs on each side? The pattern doesn’t state this but if you look at the photo that’s what seems to be happening. This is a guess on my part.
  3. Work 56 sts of the rib pattern.
    4 3sts of diagram 2 as above.
  4. Rib 29 sts.

I’ll try a bit on a swatch and I think you should too, just to see how and if it works. Also how does Diagram 1 figure in this?

Have you checked for errata for this book?

Thanks for replying.
I did step 4, but what about the rest.
I worked row 1 from diagram YO, 29 St, 3 st together then 29 St, YO after that there will be remaining sts, how should I work them?

That’s just it. I think that the 29sts are the k2p2 rib, not diagram 2. There are only 27sts on each side of the centered double decrease in diagram 2, 26 when you account for the fact that one stitch on each side is part of the CDD.

You could try writing to the designer or publisher of the book and see if they can offer any help. What is the name of the book?