Pull Skeins

I know this is a dumb question, but what is the secret to finding the yarn end on the inside of a pull skein?
I have two totally messed up skeins, because I couldn’t find the inside yarn end. :wall:
I am using Galoway Highland Heather wool yarn.

lol it isn’t a dumb question… you are experiencing yarn vomit and if you figure out the perfect way to make it happen let me know!

I generally just end up pulling until it seems like the whole middle is out and i rewind it if it is too much. seems like it is almost always at least a yard or two that comes out with the end and the harder I have to pull the more that comes out. :shrug:

Thank you, so it isn’t just me.

Why don’t they have a little tab that says, Pull Here! Wishful thinking.


some of the yarns do have a label that tells you where to pull from but it never minimized the yarn vomit for me. :shrug:

I think there is SUPPOSED to be a way of looking at the label and determining the correct side. If my memory serves it is when you are looking at the label in your hands the correct side to pull from is the one on the right.

but I am left handed and often backwards when it comes to things like that…lol

Try this way: put in a finger from each end so your fingertips overlap
left finger________)
(_____________ rf

and twiddle them around each other in circles until you feel a strand wrap around your finger/s, then pull that one out.