Pull over Pattern....?

I’m stumped. I thought it would be easy to find a simple top down pullover to knit for my oldest granddaughter for Christmas. I’ve searched and searched… no luck… so naturally, I have now turned to you all in hopes you can help me.
Here’s what I’m looking for…
A simple top-down pullover with long sleeves, not raglan. The neckline… not turtleneck, but can be ordinary with ribbing and easy to pop over her head.
Now here’s part of the problem… my granddaughter is far away and I have no exact measurements. She’s about 6’ tall, weighs practically nothing (very skinny) with long neck and long arms.
I’m hoping to cover her extremities this winter so she isn’t cold and I want the sweater to be kind of ‘cool’ as well. She’s a big fan of Harry Potter but the sweater has to be simple for me to make as I’m not the ‘brainiac’ I used to be… :slight_smile: if you get my drift.
So please help me out, you wonderful knitting ladies and gents… a Christmas present depends on it!
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I couldn’t find something that fit all your criteria but you might look at these. I’m not sure what the “cool” quotient is for them. Have to consult my children on that!
http://www.canadianliving.com/crafts/knitting/knit_a_harry_potter_sweater.php Several people here have knit this and seem happy with it. The pattern is bottom up but well written.
http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/161-4-cozy-afternoon Drops patterns are sometimes a problem but you can always ask away here if you run into a problem.

Maybe someone could measure a sweater of your granddaughter’s that fits well and send you the numbers?

Thanks, Salmonmac… I appreciate the effort. I like the grey sweater quite a bit. It has the right sleeves and seems quite stylish. Unfortunately neither of them fill the bill.
My plan is to knit the body short… knit the sleeves long. It can’t be raglan because that makes the chest too big for her so I thought perhaps an added sleeve might be best.
I was remembering pullovers from my youth, I guess… :slight_smile:
I thought I could take a regular pullover pattern and change it enough to make it a bit different so that it would have long sleeves - really long ones, over her hand almost with a hole at the bottom near the end of the wrist so she can place her thumb there, pulling the sweater sleeve over her hand.
The hardest part seems to be getting the top right… once I can get that, I can alter it to go the way I want for the rest of it.
I feel that I should know how to do this. I’ve knit lots of sweaters, one way or another… but I’ve come up empty.
I think she’s going to be getting a hat and scarf instead, if I don’t figure something out soon. There just won’t be time for anything else.
Bless you for all you’ve done. Merci!
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A little late to the party here, but if you still haven’t found an option. Search on ravelry for top-down adult-sized sweaters with set-in sleeves got me lots of options. I particularly liked the ones I’ve listed below.

On The Grass
Got the Blue