Puffy Eyes?

Does anyone know of a tried and true method or product that will help reduce under eye puffiness?

Tea bags!!! Make yourself 2 cups of tea (drink them, too :slight_smile: ) and leave the bags sit out overnight… tomorrow morning, they’ll be damp and cool. Place over your eyes for 10-15 minutes.

I’ve heard Preparation H can help. I’ve never used it, myself, but the theory behind it (it being a topical cream to reduce inflammation) sounds valid.

The Prep H thing only works with stuff bought in Canada…last I heard…something to do with taking out an ingredient…but I think that might be for zits, not eye puffiness…either way…there is something they don’t add to the US version…apparent…gotta go look it up in the Bathroom reader!

Hmmm…I’m curious. Are our US bottoms different than your Canadian ones somehow? More sensitive? :rofl:

For puffiness: I do believe that you should be sure that if you use the tea bag method that the tea is caffinated. Caffeine is a great puffer reducer.

Out of curiosity, I checked. And yes, Canadian prep-h has something called bio-dyne in it which is not found in the US version. I found it online for anywhere between $16 and $20. How much is it at the pharmacy there?

Not to be flippant, but sleep has been my one no-fail cure for eye puffiness. I’ve heard about cucumber slices, but have never tried it.

Cftwo, either you are blessed greatly or you haven’t neared that magical age yet where everything starts to drift, move, or just fall out of it’s original place. :wink:

I get plenty of sleep, but I still have small bags under my eyes.
I called them puffy in my first post because calling it what it really is sounds so cold. I’ll soon be 51. For now my glasses do a good job of hiding them. Growing old isn’t kind at times.

Thanks everyone.

Maybe try placing a bag of frozen peas on your eyes? I was watching Plastic Surgery Before and After the other day and the dr. who did surgery on one lady used a bag of peas and said it was better than ice because they aren’t as cold as ice, and, they stay colder longer. Also, I’d think they form to your face better than ice would.

I don’t know 100% as I’ve never tried it, but, it may help!

I use tea bags and cucomber slices on inflamed eyes and tired eyes and it works brilliantly.

My cat gets inflamed infected eyes and a cold tea bag is best as there is something in it that helps the infection and eases his eyes every time.

prep h does work (uk version is the same as canadian i guess then), you can buy it in the uk from a shop called boots (its there own brand) you may be able to pick it up on ebay i guess

im not sure if its loriel or garniers that do an revitalift for eyes thats supposed to be good, i guess loriel as its a green bottle i think (see an add on tv)

I’ve been thinking about trying the Garnier brand in the green bottle that is advertised on TV. It is $12.00 at our Wal-Mart for a very small amount. Has anyone used it? I noticed that the main ingredient is caffiene. You use to be able to purchase caffeine tablets cover the counter. I wonder if you still can. I think I’ll look and if I can buy it, I’ll try making a paste of it and applying it under my eyes. If that would work, it would be much less expensive than the name brand. Thanks everyone.