Puffy cloth help

Hello all…

I need some help with a pattern that i thought i understood until i started trying to knit it. :frowning:

I’m trying to make this Puffy Cloth dishcloth.

The pattern says:

[color=red]Row 1 (Right side): P2, *(k1, p1) twice in next st forming 4 puff sts), p2, k1, p2; rep from *.
Row 2: K2, *p1, k2; (k1, yo) 3 times and k1 on the 4 puff sts; k2; rep from *. [/color]
Row 3: P2, *(k1, drop yo) 3 times and k1 on the 4 puff sts; p2, k1, p2; rep from *.
Row 4: Repeat Row 2.
Row 5: Repeat Row 3.
Row 6: K2, *p1, k2, p4 tog (completing puff), k2; rep from *.
Row 7: P2, *k1, p2, (k1, p1) twice in next st, p2; rep from *.
Row 8: K2, *(k1, yo) 3 times and k1 on 4 puff sts, k2, p1, k2; rep from *.
Row 9: P2, *k1, (k1, drop yo) 3 times and k1 on the 4 puff sts; p2; rep from *.
Row 10: Repeat Row 8.
Row 11: Repeat Row 9.
Row 12: K2, *p4 tog (completing puff), k2, p1, k2; rep from *.

I’m kinda stuck on rows 1 and 2. I understand when it says k1 p1 twice in next stitch i’m making bunch of new stitches (although the k and p stitches together are a bit faffy and i hate doing them because it twists the yarn like crazy!!) but then when i come back on row 2 it says k1 yo three times on the puff stitch.

This is where i’m having lots of trouble. I have been trying to purl up to it, then k1, yo, k1, yo, k1, yo, k1 - is that what they mean by k1 yo 3x then k1? when doing this in the newly made puff stitches i run out of room. What i mean is that i’ve made a bunch of new stitches but these k1 yo stitches on row 2 seem to go further along and into the intervening pattern outside of the puff

What am i doing wrong?? :?? I dont’ get this pattern but i like the look…
sigh just when i thought i was “getting it”


You’re doing it right so far. You’re basically making a big bobble. On the next row you’ll drop the yo, and then later on in the pattern you’ll purl the extra stitches together to make the puff. For several rows you’ll have more stitches on each row–I think this is what you mean by ‘running out of room.’

It’ll even out after you drop the yo’s and knit the four puff stitches together.

Ingrid, you’re a star! :wink:

Ok, so let me get this straight - in row one it says, k1 p1 twice… so that’s k1 p1 k1 p1 all in the same stitch and i’m flipping the yarn back and forth and making new stitches in that one original stitch. Then when i come back in row 2 i’m doing k1 yo k1 yo k1 yo k1 through the bobble then dropping the yo’s on the next pass (row 3)…

Is that right?

Oh, this is all so “fancy” :lol:


Yup! You got it. A fancy-dancy washcloth! :wink:

Thank you, Ingrid!! :notworthy: