Puckering when switching from K to P - Help!

Just started knitting again after a few years and I’m having puckering in my stitches that I never had before.

I am knitting a Diagonal Check Pattern (or that’s what it is supposed to be:rofl: ):

P1, K4
P3, K2
, etc.

I think my problem is when I switch from P to K…but I can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. I’ve attached a picture…well, couldn’t get picture to attach…message said it was too large, don’t know how to change the size of a picture…:aww:

Hi…try this site to help resize your photos before attaching. I usually use the 540 x 720 option and it always works.

This happens in ribbing or other patterns where you switch from a knit to a purl. You can wrap the purl st ‘backwards’, the opposite of normal and that can tighten it up.

Thank you for your reply.

I was not able to get the resizer to work…somehow I managed to ENLARGE the picture rather than make it smaller:wall: …

Not wraping my yarn backwards…but maybe I should try doing that!:shrug: :eyes:

Right, that’s a way to make the purl st tighten up a bit.

I read in one of my books last night that the puckering might be from pulling the yarn too tight when I switch from K to P…I will experiment with this on scrap yarn, but will finish my project/scarf as I have been. The puckering has become it’s own pattern becuase it is consistent…:knitting: :aww:

Trying to post pictures…again…

What yarn are you using? Can you block out what you have now and see if that helps even it out?

I’m using Naturally Caron Country – it’s a Merino Wool Blend.

Yeah, I’m thinking I can probably block out that puckering, although it has created an interesting although unexpected pattern.

I just couldn’t figure out what I was doing now that I’d not done before to create the effect :chair: