Public Thanks!

I just wanted to publicly thank LalaBee, iwouldratherbeknitting, and yuyay for all their good advice and help for my yarn hunt in Seoul, South Korea these past few weeks while I was visiting my DH there.

I PM’d them about where to shop, and they were SO NICE, and quick to respond. Dongdaemun market was everything they said it would be. I would post pics, but I felt too self-conscious to take pictures of the craziness of a six-floor indoor market. (And unsure of my pronunciation of “May I take your picture?” in Korean…) I did buy some Korean yarn, a package of it, which is the only way to buy it, which I knew going in, thanks to their advice. 40,000 Won (about $40 US) for 10 skeins of beautiful teal extra fine Merino. Gorgeous!

Yay! I had a great time, and part of it was because of you all. Thank you, thank you, thank you. You guys are the BEST!


You’re welcome- I was disappointed that you didn’t call so that I could ‘show you the bargins’ of the yarn market. :smiley:

AND, you only bought ONE PACKAGE OF YARN? My, what restraint! I buy more than that when I go there and I go there every so often. :slight_smile: :rofl:

AND, I take photos in the market/etc all the time- but, many of them know me (in the yarn building and some in the fabric part of the yarn building)- but, I do take photos all the time… check out my blog to see photos of my “KOREA ADVENTURES!” :teehee:

Glad I could help!