Psst... September MagKnits is up



I like all but delft and apple!

I :heart: :heart: :heart: Edward!

I was looking at that and thinking “thats pretty gorgeous!” I love the shaping at the sides - if you look at Bombshell from Big Girl Knits it looks like they have taken some similar style rib shaping and used it at the sides - it looks gorgeous!

Now I want time to knit AND some more bamboo yarn for that :wink:

I like Lombard Street, and Apple is cute!

I likey everything this month :cheering:

I’m drawn to Snicket…those are officially on my list! :cheering:

Seaside is my fave. Looks a little too complicated for me though.

I’m pretty pleased! I love Lombard Street, there is a cable! So cool! And its a family name, and reminds me of San Francisco. Cool! And Inner truth, would love that in Malabrigo. The stitches to the left of the main design are so pretty, but the ones to the right looks like the pattern may be off a bit.

i can’t get into it? :shrug:

i’ve refreshed the page a gazillion times and i still only see Aug.

Try this:

I like everything - THREE SOCK PATTERNS! Whoo hoo!!! :notworthy:

Yeah, I’m loving the sock patterns! :happydance:

Sock patterns and the Edward, tho’ I don’t wear anything that would show off my bat wing arms.

sigh Not impressed. Nothing to fit my DDs :!!!:

Wow! I think that’s my favorite issue yet! 3 sock patterns!!! (all nice ones too!) :woohoo:

:drool: I :heart: :heart: :heart: snowflake…

Yeah, I think snowflake is my favorite one, too!

LOVIN the sock patterns! And, Honorine is CUTE, too! I think I would choose different colors, though…

I’ve already printed Edward, because it just looks like me. (I might add sleeves though, because I don’t like sleeveless tops.)

I like the Honorine with longer sleeves, but it’s cropped a little too short for me. My belly would hang out below it, so I’d probably need more length. Other than that, I think it’s very pretty. (I wonder if the detailing at the center would turn out right for me though. I’m afraid it might turn out kinda wonky with my luck.)

I really like Delft, but I’ve never used a chart before. I think my eyes would cross trying to read it! I would probably just do stripes like the ones at the sleeve instead. I’m just a chicken, aren’t I?

The socks are all very pretty. :heart:

I really like Honorine! I think its unique. And snowflake is nice too