I need more clarification to perform this stitch. Ps so
The site says to sl1, k1 then pull sl over the k.
Do I just make them switch places or drop the sl?
The pattern has 22 stitches and after I follow the pattern there are only 21 left.
What am I doing wrong?
K3,sl1,*yo,k2,sl1,k2tog,ps so,k2,yo,k1;repeat from * to last 2 stSan, end with k2
It seems like I gain 3 st with the yo, but lose 4 with the two psso and two k2tog.

Here’s a video showing how it’s done. Happy knitting.

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K3,sl1,*[U]yo[/U],k2,sl1,k2tog,ps so,k2,[U]yo[/U],k1;repeat from * to last 2 stSan, end with k2

You should be able to do 2 repeats using 8sts per repeat (16sts) plus 4sts before the repeat and 2sts after for a total of 22sts. There are 4 yarn overs (remember that these don’t use a stitch) and 2 k2tog and 2 psso so your stitch count should remain the same.

The yarn over is simply bringing the yarn to the front between the needles and then over the needle to the back.

I finally went to a shop to get help. What I was doing wrong was that I was making [U]another[/U] sl and k to do the psso instead of using the ones already there. Thanks for your reply.