I am not new to knitting but it has been a while. I am doing this blanket on circular needles.

The row I am having a problem with is the following: Working a cable pattern stitch over the next 16 stitches. The cable pattern is as follows: YO K3,SL1 as to knit,K1,PSSO,;K11. However, I come out better than 16 stitches.

I have tried doing this pattern numerous times, and am at my wits end. Can anyone out there help me. Thanks a lot, Marnie

Are you slipping the sl 1 over the next knit stitch?

You should end up with 16 stitches

YO = 1
k3 = 3
sl1, k1, psso = 1
k11 = 11

All together = 16

The sl, k1, psso–you slip a stitch, then knit the next stitch, then lift the stitch that you slipped over the knit stitch and off the tip of the needle.

Thanks to you both, I think I have now. If not I will be back on line. Marnie