PSSO Confushed

I am making a hat. The 3rd round says to *K3, yo, slip 1 as to knit, knit 2tog, psso, yo; repeat from *. My question is after the knit 2tog I’m lost as to what does the psso, and yo mean?


YO means “yarn over” and PSSO is one of the abbreviations for “pass slipped stitch over”. you can obtain further info on these stitches in the Glossary section of this site (last tab at the top). You will pass the stitch you slipped knitwise over the two that you knit together…

Happy knitting and Happy New Year.

PSSO is a confusing one for me too, the only way to get it is the videos!

PSSO is pretty much what you do over and over again in the basic bind off.

Good luck!

Right, though you don’t slip the first stitch, but the action is pretty much the same.