PSSO 1st stitch ITR

Has anyone heard of this? Casting on an extra stitch and then when you join in the round pass it over so that it has a firm join. Does it work? That’s one of my complaints when I’m working in the round, that first stitch always seems sloppy to me. I’m about to start a raglan sweater, would this work when you join in the round after working the top portion flat?

Also a sizing question. I’m going to do Pioneer from Knitty
( ) which is designed with 2" negative ease. I’m measuring 32 1/2. The finished measurements listed are 30" and 32 1/2". I’m supposed to make the one that is 2" smaller than my actual bust. But the 30" one will be 1/2" too small. But of course the next size up will be too roomy. Any ideas? The designer is a loose knitter and got this crazy gauge with a sport weight. I’m using a DK instead.


It does work, though what I do is CO 1 extra, slip the first stitch, work the first round and knit or purl the last stitch together with the first one. It’s a little less klutzy than working them together at the beginning of the round; the last stitch cast on seems to loosen up when you slip it over the other one or try to work them together.

I’d say ½" difference doesn’t really matter so much, and won’t look like it’s too small; the pattern says [I]approximately[/I] 2" of negative ease, so you don’t have be exactly that. Is your gauge right on? What happens if you use a size larger needle - will that get you the extra half inch or even an inch?

Thanks, I’ll have to give that a try.

I haven’t started swatching yet, I’ve just been reading through the pattern and making sure I understand everything. The nice thing is that it’s top-down, so I can try it on as I go and add some increases if I need more room. I just don’t want to look like someone poured me into it :slight_smile:


Right and with a top down it’s easy to get the right size; just do the incs until the back sts measure about half what you want the finished measurement to be.

Here’s a slight variation on joining in the round that also works very well. Very good looking sweater btw.

That’s a really great technique! Thanks so much for the link!