Provisional vs. circular needle CO for 2-halves scarf?

Hi all

I’m about to do my second Backyard Leaves scarf. When I showed my mother the first half of the first one she said ‘actually, that’s almost long enough.’ (would have been good to know when I bought the wool, or BEFORE I cast off that first half, so I could have made it a tiny bit longer, it’s quite short).

The pattern calls for two halves knit, then grafted together for symmetry (so the leaves are falling down on both sides, rather than up to my neck and down the other side). I’m not fussy, but have decided that I want this one to be directionally symmetrical. I will, however, try to have different numbers of repeats on the two sides. If you think that sounds ridiculous, I can’t explain it in a way that will make sense to you, it’s not for a logical reason like ‘the seam will be scratchy’. It’s like how I hate pink.

Many people who have done the seam find it looks lumpy and uneven, and having seen the cast-on row, I understand this. It’s very… ah… shaped.
I want to start knitting from the same row in different directions. I think that will give a better seam. I could do this with a provisional cast-on, if I later unzipped the first row and picked up the stitches, right? Couldn’t I also do this if I threaded a length (like a lifeline) of wool through the cast-on row before I knitted, then put that line of stitches onto other needles later?

Can anyone tell me the likely consequences of both these methods (or suggest a better), either through more (read:any) familiarity with provisional cast-ons, or better ability to visualise?


:?? If you cast on provisionally and then knit from there, you’ll still have the other edge being flat, right? The one you finish knitting the first side on?

It starts pointy and ends flat for the center seam, right? If you pick up the pointy part, won’t the center seam section still be flat?

I started this scarf but didn’t like the yarn I used, so never got to where I’d have to seam.

The cast-on row, with ten stitches, is the centre of the scarf (if you knit both halves and join in the middle), or the base/stem end of the leaves direction-wise.
The last/cast-off row is the pointy ends of the leaves (also the ends of the scarf), if two sides are joined.
The centre seam is the cast-on rows. Is this what you mean?