Provisional CO won't unravel

I’m making a dress in the round. I did the back part and now I need to do the neck shaping for the front before I join the front and back together.
However, my provisional cast on won’t unravel to let me pick up the stitches. I tried undoing it from both sides, but neither side is pulling out.
any ideas of what to do now???

What kind of provisional cast on did you do? There’s several ways to make one - some unzip, some you have to pick out and some you just pick up the sts and knit the other direction.

How did you do the provisional cast on? Worst case, you may have to unpick the sts one at a time. I usually pick up the bumps on the back of a crocheted chain. Is that the kind of provisional cast on you used?

I did a crochet chain and knit into that

And did you knit into the bumps on the back of the chain or into part of the chain? Sometimes even when you knit into the bumps you inadvertantly pick up part of a front chain and that will stop the prov. CO from unraveling. Bottom line, if it won’t unravel, it won’t unravel and you’ll need to pick it out one st at a time.

What you can do is to lift the provisional cast on stitches up with a knitting needle or tapestry needle and cut them at small intervals. You would then pick out each section. You can use a cuticle scissors from a manicure set for this to be sure you won’t cut into the stitches of the work itself. The blades are thin and flat.