Provisional CO Problem

I absolutely love Amy’s technique, it’s so much easier than using a crochet hook (at least for me, anyway), however, I am having problems with the 1st CO st. I tried tying the scrap yarn and working yarn in a knot, as Amy did in the video, but when I knit the 1st row, the last st in the row (the 1st CO st) keeps falling off the needle, or it is very loose. I also tried not tying the yarns and letting them hang from the needle, but after the CO was done, the yarn started to fall of the needle and the CO edge unraveled. I also tried tying the scrap and working yarns together in a slip knot, then undoing it a couple rows in. That caused a knot in the corner of the piece, and the k and p sts that go up from the 1st CO st got lost.

How can I connect the scrap and working yarns together when I start the CO so they don’t fall off the needle and the CO doesn’t unravel, and not create a knot in the piece?

Are you doing it on dpns, straight needles or circulars?


straight needles

Make the 1st st a slip knot, then tighten it up after you get more stitches on the needle. Odd that it would be so loose as to fall off the end.


No, you misunderstood me. The slip knot wasn’t loose, the 1st st after that was.

You might want to try casting on a few extra stitches, and then when you start knitting into them, knit only the number you want, leaving the extras (including the loose part) unworked. You can undo them later after your knitting is established, or when you take out the waste yarn. Does that make sense?

Yes, thanks. I was thinking about that, but I thought it might confuse me to have the extra sts on the needle.