Provisional cast-on

I’ve run across this a few times and have never done it. Thought I might find a video here, but not so. Can anyone explain how this works? Thanks

There is a video here. It is under cast-on I believe. It is also called an invisible cast-on. There are a few different ways to do it.

I don’t crochet so the easiest way for me is to use a crochet hook and pull the sts onto the needle with the hook and then go back and knit the first row, then go on with the pattern.

If you search for it on here in forums, several ppl have also posted links to other videos and other ways to do this cast-on.

One of the easiest provisional cast ons is to use scrap yarn to cast on and knit a couple rows, then begin knitting with your project yarn. Then all you need to do is cut off the scrap yarn and pick up the sts.

Oh! That is such a cheat! :oo: I’ll have to try that for when I need a provisional that has color work or a mix of k & p in it. :slight_smile:

Thanks! And to think I was again going to promote the [Judy] Becker['s] Magic Cast On… :roll: :slight_smile:

You know, Sue, you could be one of my sister with the regularity with which you keep playing trump on me. :wink:

You mean Judy’s Magic Cast on? That’s how it’s usually known.

Are you talking about a regular provisional cast on? I use this one.

Yeah, that’s the one I usually promote. I’ve been burning brain cells trying to figure out how I could use it and do color work with it (other than stripes.)

The method you suggested using scrap yarn sounds like it could bue used to establish a stitch or color pattern. Now I just need to make some charts with a diagonal bias row pattern.