Provisional cast on

I need help to decipher provisional cast ons. I have patterns for a hat and mitts that are knit up from the cast on, then down for a mirror image. Therefore a double thickness hat or mitts. Can anyone help. I’ve tried with two double pointed needles and a figure 8 cast on but have difficulty knitting the stitches.(they are too tight) and the bottom needles stitches fall off. Please help!!! Thanks in advance. Ullaa

There is a video on this site under Videos/cast ons, but I could never get it to work for me.

Do you crochet at all? Because the easiest way for me to do a provisional cast on is to take a crochet hook and crochet slip sts around my needle. Another method is to make a chain with 6-8 sts more than what your project needs cast on, then turn the chain over to the back or bumpy side and with your knitting needle pick up a st in each of those bumps until you have the number needed for your cast on.

There are also a lot of good videos on places like You Tube, so you might search for “provisional cast on” and see what you can find.

Good Luck!

The very easiest cprovisional cast on is to take a piece of waste yarn of the same weight as your project (usually a contrasting colour) and cast on the number of stitches you need. Later you remove this yarn to free up the stitches of your first working row.

The crochet chain provisional when done right is easier to remove, but it’s trickier to start with.

There is also a good video at Knitting at Knoon that shows a crochet CO. I had to try it a few times to get the hang of it, but the video is very good. The link is: