Provisional cast on

I have a sweater that is so close to being done, but I do NOT understand the directions! It is from Big Girl Knits, the pattern is “Lift and Separate”. The directions read:

“set aside work momentarily and make a crochet chain at least 11 sts long, using waste yarn”

I’ve done this. It’s the next part I don’t get.

It continues:

“Row 1 [rs] K to end; CO 7 stitches using Crochet/Provisional Cast On [with the chain you just made] at the end of this row”

What I don’t get is, where exactly am I supposed to put this Crochet chain? Do I knit from it?? Do I cast on the 7 sts at my sweater front I just made?

I am so confused

There are little bumps on the back of each stitch in the chain. Stick your needle under each bump, wrap the yarn around it and pull the yarn through. Its just like picking up a stitch. Amy has a video on picking stitches up. Once you have the desired number of stitches on your needle you are going to knit with them. When you are done knitting, you are going to pull the scrap yarn out and put the stitches that were in the scrap yarn on needles and knit from the other end.
Here is a nice video of my favorite way to do this.

I can do that, but I find it a pain. Here’s a few more options for provisional cast on.

I just tried this first one. I haven’t taken it out yet, but it was very easy to do. I’ve done the second one many times.

ETA: Okay, I finished the above one and it was a pain to remove. You have to do it stitch by stitch…it doesn’t unzip like the one at the link below. It is fast, but I will probably just do the crochet hook method as is in the bottom link next time.