Provisional cast on

I´ve been looking at some sock patterns and some of them have started with a “provisional cast on” - what does that mean?


A provisional cast on is where you cast on with an extra piece piece of yarn. Later you can go back and remove that and have live stitches to knit with…Amy has a videoon it :thumbsup:

I see it a lot in shawls and wraps…haven’t made a sock yet with it…are they going back and adding the heel later on?

I like the method where you use a crochet hook. It’s the only way I could figure it out.

LOL I could not figure out the crochet method to save my life. :slight_smile: I really like Amy’s method in the video here.

My fav method is to do a long tail cast one w/waste yarn, knit a row or two, then start knitting with project yarn.

Thanks for the replies! Didn`t even think to check the videos, duh… Will try that tomorrow. :thumbsup:

Dustinac, here is the pattern I saw it in, it´s toe up, maybe that´s why?

Thanks for the help!


:thumbsup: Thanks…I see now it’s for the toe :happydance: