Provisional cast on

Hey everyone
I’m trying the “Bad Juju” doll from THe Anti Craft website which requires a provisional cast on. I’ve seen the video and tryed tha cast on. I totally understand how to do it, but the stitches are really loose on the needle:whoosh:. Any tips on how to make them tighter/neater? I can’t wait to get started on this little guy. Has anyone else tried it? Look him up he’s super creepy cute.:twisted:

I’m not sure it matters if the stitches are loose on the provisional, you’ll be taking them out later.

Are you taking them out or are you picking them up and working them? If you’re just tearing them out and knitting the next row that makes way more sence.

You take out the yarn you used for the provisional, but you use the main yarn stitches. Once you put your needle in them, they won’t be as loose.