Provisional Cast On

I’ve followed the video and practiced – without counting my stitches or really paying attention to them.

Now I’m ready to cast on for a vest I’m making for my husband and I have to cast on 114 using a provisional cast on. I’ve done 8 stitches and have 14 loops on my needles not counting the slip knot or the first yo.

Is there a “yo” between every stitch?

As far as I know, each loop is a stitch. Every other one is twisted so it might look different.

I usually use a crochet chain for a provisional cast on. I find it much easier that the other. Maybe someone has more sage advice.

I use a crochet hook to put the provisional cast on on my knitting needle. I just finished a hat using my first provisional cast on. Then used a 3NBO to join the edges. It looks great. I was amazed at myself! :happydance:

I ended up using the video at Knitting at Knoon and did that provisional cast-on, but it’s really bugging me that I can’t get Amy’s video figured out.

This is a picture of 10 cast on stitches using Amy’s version. Note that there are a heck of a lot more loops on the needle than 10. laugh

Have you tried knitting on these stitches? Maybe it will be ok.

No it just looked so strange and like way too many stitches that I went looking for another version of a provisional cast on until I can get some sort of word that I’m doing it right.

Try the crochet cast on. You just crochet a chain for a few more than you need for the edge. Then knit into the back loop of the chain. If it gets bunched up, just skip a link of the chain. It won’t matter. If you knit into the wrong part of the chain, don’t worry about it. You’ll just have to cut this part instead of just unravelling it.

Hi Twiggyann,

Yesterday I used the provisional cast on using the method on the video and my cast on looked just like yours. I get 2 stitches for each complete “cycle”. I was wishing there was a visible shot of the completed cast on on the needles. When I looked at the video carefully, Amy had 2 stitches on the needle when she completed the first cycle (or whatever it’s called). I’m now knitting a side to side hat using this cast on. I now wish I had used the cable needle instead of scrap yarn.


Thanks, cmk, for your input about the cast on. I will give it another try once I get some of these projects off the needles. I ended up doing the provisional cast on from Knitting at Knoon which I found really easy.