Provisional cast on?

Using straight needles or two double-pointed needles, CO 17 sts with a provisional cast on. Work 16[17, 18] repetitions of Braided Cable pattern, ending final repetition on row 7 of pattern. Do not bind off. Unravel provisional cast on and graft [kitchener stitch] the two ends of the band together.

What exactally is a provisional cast on?

Isn’t that the type were the cast on edge is not a finished one but one that you can go back and knit from? I think you put a piece of yarn or a stitch holder in it to hold the edge until you need it… :??

A provisional cast on is a temporary cast on that you do at the beginning with waste yarn. It allows you to take it out easily later on and have live stitches for grafting.

There are two ways to do it. I prefer the crochet chain cast on. Basically, with yarn that’s a different color, crochet a loose chain of stitches a few more than your pattern calls for. Insert the right knitting needle into the loop on the back of the chain and knit on a stitch. If the chain becomes to tight, skip a stitch on it, it won’t matter. If you miss the back loop it won’t matter too much either, you’ll just have to cut that one instead of just ripping it out.

It just occured to me that there’s probably a video, too. :wink:

It just occured to me that there’s probably a video, too.

:doh: Sure is! I should have known to check there first.

hehehe, I know which pattern you’re doing. I tried it once myself :wink: . I gave up but will try again this winter when it’s actually wool hat season.

Amy’s video is good, I also was made aware of another method that is shown on this site. It made a bit more sense to me.

Good luck!

Oooh why did you give up? Is it hard? I really need a row counter now.

Pencil and paper work well as temporary row counters! :wink:

Yeah, that is what I have been using… hence to forth why I need a real one. :rollseyes:

Ok, I had 8 rows and then frogged it all. I somehow ended up with an extra stitch… and that messed everything up. I couldn’t quite figure out where it came from.

Nah, I just couldn’t get the whole provisional cast on thing, then I got side tracked on some other projects and used my yarn for something else. I WILL try it again though, I really like the hat.