Provisional Cast On

Hi everyone, along with my other 4 projects, I have decided to try socks…(I’m getting brave) anyway, this specific pattern starts with “Provisional” Cast…watched Amy…I get the cast on method, I don’t get the exact reason, though…If you do a project with this method, why do you take out the “waste” yarn to expose live sts??? So that it is the “project” end up to be seamless??? Thanks for you help…On every other project too!!! Cheley

Doing a provisional CO allows you to pick up the stitches and work the other direction. The reasons for doing that vary, but making a double thickness hat or adding an edge are a couple of reasons that come to mind.

Here’s another method for provisional CO that I use. I had problems with Amy’s method. :wall:
Knitting at Noon Videos

Thanks, nice site…but how do you think that has to do with socks?? Sorry, I have not done socks yet, and I have been hesitating, I am nervous :shrug: about all that DOUBLE POINTED NEEDLE STUFF :?? :?? I have Amy’s CD, she does a whole 45 min thing on socks, which seems great, now if I can get my 4 year old neice to leave me alone for 45 to watch it, I might learn something!!! Let me know

Is the sock pattern toe up? That might need something like a provisional caston so they can be knit without a seam in the toes. You would graft the stitches together later on.


Yeah, I think it’s only certain toe up patterns that require it and not even all of them need it.

The crochet provisional cast-on is used in the toe-up sock so that once you’ve worked the toe you will then pick up the stitches from the provisional and carry on with making the foot of the sock.

It might take a few tries if you’ve not used a crochet hook before but it’s very simple once you’ve got the hang of it.