Provisional Cast On

Has anyone got words of advice on the topic? I watched the video three times, and i THINK now i understand what’s actually happening. But it’s so loose! And i’m supposed to do 99 stitches; right now i can’t seem to get beyond about 10 without dropping the whole shebang. :frowning:
I saw people recced a few other methods, but they all use crochet hooks, which i cannot seem to find in this crazy city i call home.
-Low on Resources in Tokyo

Have you tried the Turkish Cast-on? I used it to start a pair of toe-up socks and was thrilled with the results.

Here is the tutorial from FluffyKnitterDeb.

well the way i do it is take some scrap yarn and knit a few rows. Then i join the yarn that i want for the beginning of the pattern and start working with that. When it comes time to go back to get the stitches i just undo those few rows and knit away.

Well, no circular needles, so scrap yarn it is! Genius. Now i just have to find some. I’m sure there’s something around here that’ll do… :happydance: Thanks ladies!

WOW! That is a fabulous tutorial! I remember reading that article in Vogue Knitting and “kind of” envisioning it but feeling still a little lost - fluffyknitter is a great teacher. Thanks for the link. I added it to my favorites which is turning into a strictly knitting list of sites. Cool.

I use this provisional cast on instead of Amys. I never could get the one here.

Knitting at Noon provisional cast on

That was pretty much my reaction (without the Vogue Knitting part :wink: )!

She added a follow-up tutorial that has a little more information.

I finally figured out the provisional cast on that’s shown on this site, but it took me several tries every time i tried to use it.

i’m going to have to try the Turkish cast on method when i next need it.

That turkish co looks interesting! Thanks for the links!

My favorite provisional cast on is a crochet chain… I usually use a hook that’s 2 or 3 sizes larger than the knitting needle I’m using to do the chain, so it’s easy to slip the loops on the needle. I could never get the provisional cast on from KH either! Well, I got it But the last CO stitch was always so loose and floppy and blechhhh and it would mess up the whole row!