Provisional cast on to DPN's?

I want to knit this little guy for my daughter. It says…

Provisionally cast on 36 sts in a smooth yarn onto DPNS. Switch to main yarn and knit in the round 20 rounds.

I’ve never done a provisonal cast on before, so I watched the video here. I can’t seem to get it quite right. The stitches keep coming out loose and wonky and when I try to transfer the stitches to the other DPN’s, they get all messed up. Any recommendations for this one?

I can’t get the one here either so I use this one.

I would CO to another needle and then transfer them to the DPNs. The edge will be a bit wonky. Also Angelia and Jenelle have made several of these so they can probably help you out.

I could not get Amy’s video either. So I kept with it and finally I did something that is hard to tell on the video. This is what I did, I hope it helps and makes sense.

Do it the way Amy says but the last step is where the confusion is. Watch the video and when she says "in front, behind, behind do that but the last step is to come up between the working yarn and the auxiliary yarn(working yarn in back and auxiliary yarn in front) :happydance:

Good Luck