Provisional cast-on questions

i know two ways to do the crochet chain provisional cast-on and have problems with both of them.

the one where you crochet a chain with a few extra and then pick up and K into the bumps, not the V’s, I’m okay with that up until the pulling it out, when I consistently am missing 1 stitch (sometimes 2) after all is said and done. I vaguely remember hearing something on Knitty Gritty about adding an extra, but don’t know where/why/how if that’s the case.

I found also in searching that people use what I know as the crochet cast-on as a provisional, where you just crochet the chain around the knitting needle. I had never used this as a provisional before, but for scarves, shawls, etc., things that I would like the cast-on and bind-off to match on, and have also heard it called the “bind-off cast on” for this reason. When I try to use it as provisional, I can’t get the chain out of the stitches at all without scissors.

Can anyone help with either/both? Thanks so much!!!

I’ve used the chain around the needle before, and it seemed to work out ok. I, too, sometimes have trouble pulling out the chain and end up having to cut. Other times it zips out. I have no idea what I’ve done differently.

I have noticed that either the first or last stitch is sometimes very tight (of my ‘real’ yarn). Maybe that’s where it looks like you lose one? :shrug:

I, too, to the chain around the knitting needle crochet/provisional…well, this one and I’ve found that if I slowly pull it out, 1 st at the time that I don’t use any sts. And, yes, I’ve also resorted to using scissors to get it undone. I’m with Ingrid, I don’t know why it unzips easily one time and not another!