Provisional cast on question

I did a provisional cast on for the first time, and am wondering if I did it correctly … each time a cast on a stitch, it ended up being 2 stitches. Is that normal?

No. What provisional cast on did you do? I use the crochet hook method.

I used the knitted version found on knittinghelp, and actually, after looking at it again, realized that they also came up w/ 2 stitches per ‘pass’ … thanks for replying!

I use either this method of crochet cast onor Judy’s Magic Cast On. With JMCO there is no waste yarn to ravel out of the stitches, I just put the second set of stitches on a holder. Is Amy’s video here Knitting Help the one you used? I don’t see it making two stitches at a time.