Provisional cast on problems

Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong? I’m knitting a 1x1 ribbed scarf. I did a provisional cast on to cast off each end in the same manner. I have decided to continue the side to make it longer but now on the first row the stitches seem twisted. I have taken it apart several times to redo different ways. Also I have one less stitch. Can’t seem to find a dropped stitch though.

If the stitches are twisted as you slip the needle into the loops, just reverse the way you’re sliding the needle into the loops or, on the next row, re-orient each twisted stitch as you come to it.
You will have one fewer stitch than you cast on because you’re actually knitting into the loops between stitches. You can cast on an extra stitch to make up for this near one of the edges.

Thanks for the quick response. I have taken this apart about 10 times and have tried that but it still appears to twist on the one leg of the knit stitch. I did cast on an extra stitch on the second stitch, which would be a purl stitch. It seems like I am off a 1/2 of row. If I am conveying that correctly.

I’ve never done a provisional cast on before. It should all flow together shouldn’t it. It’s driving me crazy.

If the stitches are twisted, just work into the leg closest to the needle tip as you go to untwist them. Do the extra stitch at the beginng or end of the row to keep in the pattern.

It’s actually not going to exactly flow together because you’re knitting in the opposite direction when you take out the provisional cast on. You can’t knit into the loop of the original knit stitch. You’re going to be knitting into the loops [I]between[/I] the original stitches. It’ll look very good and you won’t be able to easily tell where the provisional cast on was, but you will be missing one stitch. Eunny Jang demos this and the added stitch on an episode of Knitting Daily but I can’t find an online video for it.

Thanks for your suggestions. I will try these out and practice on the provisional cas on some more.

Thanks again!