Provisional Cast On Hem and zipper for a Cardigan

Hi Everyone -

I have something I can’t figure out an elegant solution to. I am making a cardigan with no side seams and a provisional cast-on self hem (don’t know if it has another name, but the one where you attach the hem into the body of the sweater by knitting two rows together).

Anyways - I want to insert the bottom of the zipper a little ways into the hem. I am planning on doing a facing for the zipper that is knit with the rest of the front - as in I just fold it over and stitch in the sweater. But I’d rather not have the tails of the zipper tape showing.

I can’t figure out how to leave about 1/2" unattached at the CFs hem of the sweater without something involving using separate pieces of yarn and binding off the first (and last) few stitches of the hem on their own.

Anyone have a better solution? Sorry this was so convoluted to explain.



Welcome to the forum, Rachel! :waving:

Can you sew the the sides of the cardigan up to the the point where the zipper starts such that you sew the extra zipper tape with that extra 1/2" or so of cardigan at the bottom? (You could always trim the bottom of the zipper tape since it’s often too long anyway, or you could fold it.)

I hope I’ve understood your question properly!