Provisional cast on (crochet method)

So, I’m fairly new to knitting. I have many stitches down, and a few different cast on/offs under my belt too. But, I’m starting a new sweater that is asking me to do the provisional cast on right at the beginning…but they don’t explain why I am doing this? Is this so a way for me to go back later and make this sweater longer if necessary?

Sorry if this seems like a silly question.

Which pattern is it? There might be something towards the end of the instructions that explains the need for a provisional cast on, if you haven’t already read through them. If not, then there was likely some kind of mistake when the pattern got published.

I just want to add to what @Shintoga wrote that when doing a tubular cast-on it is common to begin with a provisional cast on. Maybe this sweater is using a tubular cast-on? Personally I love tubular cast-on for sweaters.

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I hadn’t thought of the tubular cast on! I’ve literally never done one myself.

Hi, thanks for your replies. This for the N for November sweater from Knit Picks. It asks for the Provisional cast on, crochet chain method. And doesn’t refer to it again until finishing the body.

When it says “undo crochet chain and SL provision STS onto needle; BO using I-Cord Bind off.”

This is what makes me think that perhaps it is meant to be used for a decorative hem if I want…or to add additional length if I want since the front and back pieces are knitted all at once.

Am I over thinking it?

You’re not overthinking it, the i-cord bind off is meant to be decorative and stabilises edges, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do your own thing if you wanted to.