Provisional Cast On - Any trick?

I’m doing this for the first time in my attempt to knit the Baby Bolero from One Skein.

I feel like I get how to do it, but it seems so loose and sloppy. I knit on the tight side so it’s really bothering me. I’ve watched Amy’s video a bunch of times and I seem to get the technique.

Any tricks?

I always do the crochet-chain provisional cast-on…I can’t find the instructions I learned from at the moment, but this gives you a good idea of what I’m talking about:

I never got comfortable enough with the way in Amy’s video – I always had to do it in front of the computer, watching her. :roflhard: The crochet-chain way, I can remember when I’m not in front of the computer. :smiley:

I usually use the crochet chain, too, and here is a way to do it directly on your needle.

thanks girls - i’ll check those links out later tonight.

now, can someone tell me what the point of this cast on is? just curious because i’m clueless. haha

i actually use scrap yarn, knit a few rows, and then add the “real” yarn and begin the pattern.

usually it is so you can “unzip” it later and have live stitches available.

A provisional cast on leaves your beginning stitches ‘live.’ Sometimes it’s so you can pick them up and knit in another direction or add an edging. Sometimes it’s so you can bind off at both ends. You’ll have to look at your pattern and see what they want you to do with those stitches.

yeah i just went and grabbed the book and if you look under the “finishing” section of the pattern it shows you were you are going to have unzip those stitches and add the finishing edging. :thumbsup:

ok - that makes sense! thanks

now i just need to figure out that crochet method. maybe i’ll get a chance this weekend.