Provisional cast on and other problems

I am trying to knit the Ravelry pattern Chaleur. I have gotten as far as the underarm and sleeve shaping. Now I am stumped. I have cast on the provisional stitches, using a crochet base, and I have moved all the stitches to the right hand needle, and now I don’t know what to do. I hope you can tell from the picture what I have done. With the working yarn where it is, behind the cast ons, the only thing I know to do is stretch the yarn to the opposite needle, this doesn’t seem right. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t have the pattern so this is a bit of guess work but it seems that you’ve probably cast on sts at the underarm seam. Is that right? Then the working yarn is coming off the end of the cast on (which would be the end of the sleeve). That should be at the tip of the right hand needle.
It’s possible that you turn the work at this point as you would at the end of the row and knit back over the cast on sts and across to the opposite side where you would cast on for the second sleeve. You would then be knitting back and forth from this point on.
Does this make sense with the rest of the pattern? If not it might help to quote just the lines about the cast on for the sleeve and a line or two after that.

Ok, …"transfer the first 105 stitches to stitch holder, leaving 105 stitches on needle.

Using spare pieces of yarn, provisionally CO 34 sts to each end of needle, at both left and right sides of your work. With RS facing you, move the 34 CO sts from the left side of the needle to the right side, knit the first 3 CO sts so there are 3 more stitches at the end of the RS row, turn work to begin Row 1, leaving the rest of the CO stitches in place."

Where should the working yarn be? Behind the CO stitches?

It seems to me that you want to cast on the 34sts on the right end of the needle and then with a new strand of yarn cast on again so that the working yarn is coming off the end of the right needle. Both of the sets of 34 cast on sts are sitting next to each other on the right hand needle with the working yarn coming off the second set of cast on sts. The next 3sts to knit are on the main body of the sweater and then you turn. When you knit those 3sts you’ll be connecting a set of 34sts to the body of the sweater with the other set of 34sts hanging out until you get to that shoulder.

Let me make sure I understand you, use the working yarn for the CO stitches on the right needle, and then scrap yarn for the CO sts on the left needle, then move the ones on the left needle to the right needle and the working yarn will be in between the 2 sets of CO sts.

You don’t want the working yarn in the middle of the sts. I would cut the yarn after casting on the first set of sts. Use the new end of yarn to cast on the second set of sts right next to the first set. Now both sets of cast on sts are next to each other with the yarn coming off the right needle tip and you’re ready to knit the first 3 CO sts and turn.
At some point the yarn has to be cut and this seems to be the easiest way to do it. There are undoubtedly other ways to get there, too though.

I appreciate your help, I am getting really frustrated. I did what you said with the co sts, now it says "knit the first 3 co sts, " that has to mean the original sts on left needle. Now “row 1 (WS) purl to co sts, purl first 3 co sts, turn work, leaving the rest of the co sts in place” I don’t understand this, it is worded badly isn’t it? What co sts are you leaving in place, the second set of provisional stitches?

Both of the sets of cast on sts should be sitting st the end of the right needle followed by the main body. Knit the first 3 co sts must mean the cast on sts sitting at the end of the right needle (call them set A). That’s where the working yarn is sitting. Take the right needle in your left hand. Knit 3sts, turn and purl those sts and then the main body of the sweater. I’m assuming that the next step is to purl 3sts from the other set of cast on sts (set B).
At this point you’ll have 31sts of each of the sets of cast on sts hanging out on the needle and the main body with 3 co sts on each side joined in.
Yes, it’s not so easy to follow at all. I admire you for getting this far.

I am still not getting it, I couldn’t figure out how to do what you said with the right needle in my left hand. I can’t copy the pattern because it is protected, just adding to my aggravation, so I carefully typed a portion so you could get the whole picture, I am not ready to give up, I have a fair amount of money invested in the yarn. I am attaching a word document with some of the pattern to this reply. Thank you for sticking with me, maybe this is something simple that I am just not seeing, I have made several attempts at this part, and done a lot of ripping out.

It’s frustrating but we’ll get there. Don’t even think of giving up at this point. One question: on the main body, did you finish having completed a RS row or having completed a WS row?

Thanks for the attachment. That’s very helpful. I’ll give it a try to make sure tonight. It may take a drawing.

I completed a WS row. Thank you so much!

Ah, excellent! It’s a bit like working the heel of a sock, if you’ve ever done that. In this case you incorporate groups of sts at each side until finally you work the remaining 27sts at once and then work back and forth on all sts.
Good for you.

No, I mean the last row I worked was a WS row.

Ah, ok. See if these drawing help. I also understand where this is going better. Rather than using the working yarn on the right needle tip, you need to knit across the row of the main body (since your last row was a purl row). Now the working yarn is coming off the left end of the main body as in the second picture (the small arrows are the needle tips, the large arrow is pointing to the 3 sts to knit). Knit 3sts of the 34 cast on sts, turn and purl back across the body ending by purling 3sts of set B cast ons (the first picture). Then knit across according to the pattern and end with knitting 4 more of the set A cast ons. Turn, purl across and end with purling 4 more of the set B cast ons. You’ll do one more knit and one more purl row incorporating all the remaining co sts.
Sorry for my mis-interpretation earlier but I hope the drawings make it clear.

Thank you, this does make more sense, but getting back to the pattern, it should not say put all new CO sts on right needle? Thank you for taking the time to do the drawings, that was so nice of you, I think I get it now, I am feeling a lot more confidant that this will work.:hug:

I think that’s what they mean when they tell you to cast on to the right side and the left side of the body and then say to “… move 34 CO sts from the left side of the needle to the right side…”. I think they want you to see the sets of cast on sts as the future sleeves before you place the CO sts side by side.
See how it goes.