Props to Miss Amy

:smiley: Just wanted to say how much I appreciate having such an amazing site availble to help me learn more about my new passion — from the looks of it, you personify everything knitting and all it stands for :wink: LOL — seriously, I find that with almost every new & veteran knitter I meet, I love the fellowship and exchange of skills, lessons & personality, and it warms my spirit to know that most knitters are so kind and willing to share.

Thanks again Amy!

Anne aka roxyquiksilver34

Ohh I agree…I’ve checked out other knitting sites that have videos and tips and whatnot, but I like the personality injected into this one. It’s nice to know that someone made this site because they are competent and passionate about knitting, and generally eager to help other people. And from the messages I’ve read in this forum it looks as though everyone else is nice and helpful, which is good because I can’t stand snarky people :lol:

Amy seems to have created a nifty knitting circle :smiley:

What part of Canada are you in? My husband & I just spent a week in Niagara Falls last month - beautiful! We had Tim Hortons (YUMMY) for breakfast every day and did all those annoying touristy things, but it was still fun!