Properties of nylon?

Not a how-to question (yet!), more of a fiber question.

My grandmother recently brought me a lot of yarn from her stash. Much of it is ooooooold fingering weight yarn, originally intended for baby things, I believe. (Her hands can’t handle the small stuff any more. :frowning: ) I had an idea that I could use the yarn to make baby things for the first great-grandchild (not yet on the way- but I’m planning ahead :wink: ).

But the yarn is “100% virgin crimp set nylon”, and I don’t know anything about nylon yarn, except that it’s not something I see sold. This stuff feels softer than anything I’ve ever felt. (I’m sorely tempted to make them into socks for meeeee…) But is it warm? Is it something that babies could be allergic to? What would be best to use it for? It claims to be machine washable, but I don’t know what that means- how machine washable is “machine washable” yarn from what I assume is the 1950’s? And is there a place where I can go to look up strange yarns that are older than I am?

Also, how dangerous would it be to mix it with acrylic (an actual soft acrylic) or a 50/50 wool/nylon blend? Or is that something I can only answer with the dreaded Swatching?

I’m full of questions tonight. :smiley:

I’ve always just treated it the way I treat any synthetic fiber and it doesn’t seem to have done it any great harm.

I believe a lot of the current baby yarns are still nylon–or at least partially so. They are soft, and probably don’t bother a baby’s skin at all. I’d mix them with any other non-wool or blend without reservation. I’m not an expert on fibers, but I think nylon can be treated as any acrylic.

Thanks for the answers! I’m glad to know I can use this without fear. :smiley: Now to start planning baby knits… :XX: :happydance: